The FTA External Grievance Mechanism

The FTA External Grievance Mechanism provides a platform for individuals or organisations to submit grievances, about a perceived or real, wrong or unfair treatment. All grievances will be reviewed by the FTA secretariat, who will seek to find a fair, timely and objective resolution. 
Scope and Procedure
Grievance can be lodged by any individual or organisation that is relevant to FTA, meaning individuals from FTA members or their business partners, service providers or stakeholders, including those with a formal mandate to represent individuals or communities directly affected by FTA activities and operations. 
The grievant should be able to provide information that is:
  • related to FTA services , their members and/or services providers and
  • factual and evidence-based


Grievances should be lodged using the FTA’s online grievance form. Communication, including supporting documents, should be in English.
For more details on the scope and process of the mechanism, please read the FTA Grievance Mechanism Policy

To follow up on the status of your grievance or submit any queries, please send an email to