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Business Social Compliance Initiative

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a business-driven instrument for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. It unites hundreds of companies around one common Code of Conduct and methodology, and supports them in their efforts to build an ethical supply chain. We provide companies with a step-by-step, development-orientated system applicable to the supply chain of all consumer goods.

BSCI services

  • Monitor - We offer a wide range of professional auditing tools to support the implementation of a credible social compliance auditing system in the supply chain. Our database offers over 20,000 audit reports, thus avoiding duplication and saving our members time and money.
  • Empower - We provide training to support companies and producers to meet BSCI’s Code of Conduct, which is based on the most important ILO conventions on workers’ rights.
  • Engage - We identify common approaches and build partnerships with local and national partners to find solutions to social compliance and supply chain management issues.
  • Support - We advise and inform companies on all aspects of BSCI implementation and communication.


Visit the BSCI Website.